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Contact Address

The email contact (for all types of feedback listed below) is

(messages can be sent in either English or Spanish)


Feature Requests

I'll be happy to know of any feature that you'd wish to see implemented in the application. I can not promise anything, but I'll add all requests to the "wish list", and I'll try to implement them when/if possible. Also, some feature requests might inspire me new development directions which I didn't thought at first.

Please note that I'm not only developing the application, but also using it for my own work. So, I can't invest the 100% of my time into development. In the best case, it's about 50% for development and 50% for using it. There're some periods when I'm not able to develop at all (except for "on the fly" additions/fixes for an specific project), and such periods may last for months or even a year.

Technical Support

If you're not sure about the best way for doing something with the application, or you've doubts about its use, your questions are welcome. I'll try (if possible) to answer such questions. However, I can't guarantee that I'll have time for answering them, because I'm not providing technical support (read the License Agreement).


I'll also be happy to hear about your experiences with the application. For example, projects where you used it, or the limitations you found, or why you really hate this tool, etc, etc.

Bug Reports

First of all, read Known Problems and Troubleshooting (in the Help menu inside the application) before reporting a bug. If the problem is not listed there (or is indeed listed but you want to complain because you feel it should be fixed with a high priority), please send me a message with the following information:

  • hinv of your machine.
  • uname -aR of your machine.
  • glxinfo, taking care that you're running the same framebuffer configuration as when the bug happened.
  • If there was a system crash or Xserver crash, I'd like to see the proper verbose messages in the system log files.
  • If the bug just happens in one of your compositions, try to reduce it to the minimum composition that reproduces the problem. If it's legally possible for you to send me either just the CMP or the whole composition file set, please ask me before sending it (my mailbox is limited), or provide me with ftp access to get the files.
  • Explain the problem the best you can.


Test Reports

If you tested the application in your machine. I'll like to know your testing impressions and your machine info. If you used most features in the application for some time, and all of them run fine (or not), I'd be specially interested in knowing the details.


Introduction    What's New    Current Features    Current Limitations   Before you Start    Download   Screenshots    Feedback

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