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Changes Introduced in 1.0 Beta-5
  • New Features
    • New option for creating rectangular Bézier contours.
    • New '-gfile' command line option in the 'gentexfont' tool, for extracting the glyph set from a given text file.
    • New 'Copy Layer Attibutes' feature for transferring layers attributes to other layers.
    • New 'Wireframe Mode' option in the 'View' menu, useful for debugging the level of tesselation for Bézier contours and Image warping/distortion.
    • New 'Duplicate Selected Layers' command in the 'Edit' menu.
    • New 'Scale Selected to Size' dialog box tool.
    • New 'Zoom Extents', 'Zoom Selected Layers', and 'Auto Zoom Extents' tools.
    • The Render Area can now be adjusted by drawing scale and DIN paper size.
    • Multiple render areas: You can now store as many render areas as you wish in the same composition.
    • Snapping to vertices, lines, and midpoints from layers bounding boxes, DXF entities, Bézier curves, the render area, and the pivot point.
    • Numerical input for translation, rotation and scaling.
    • New menu items for side-stepping the Render Area, in the 'Place>Adjust Render Area' submenu pane.
    • New 'Off' blending mode as a workaround for disabling layers.
  • Enhancements
    • Added new keyboard shortcuts to the main menu.
    • New (and better) implementation of 'Place>MakeBézierCurvesParallel'.
    • The 'History' menu has been renamed as 'Edit' menu.
    • A warning dialog is now displayed when the automatic contour meshing procedure fails in DXF files.
    • Better explanation of 'Insert>InsertOptions>ImageTilesOverlap' at the 'Managing Large Images' section from 'Help>ImageLayers'.
    • Texture LOD optimization. Very noticeable for IMPACT and Octane.
    • New 'Layer Culling' optimization. Useful for complex DXFs and Béziers.
    • More accurate bounding box computation for Bézier layers.
    • File lists of file selection dialogs are now refreshed each time they're shown in screen (no FAM monitoring yet, but better than previous version).
    • A wider range of Bézier tesselation resolution is now supported.
    • Alternative code for machines where proxy textures fail.
    • Executables are now built with MIPSpro 7.3 compilers. Previous versions were built with MIPSpro 7.1.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed: Minor memory leaks.
    • Fixed: Pegamento could crash if a TexFont layer had text with characters not available in the font.
    • Fixed: Snapping was honored when invoking transformation actions from the 'Place' menu, or from numerical input dialogs.
    • Fixed: There was a bug at snapping when translating DXF and Bézier layers.
    • Fixed: If snapping turned the displacement null for a Bézier vertex, the vertex smoothing mode was toggled.
    • Fixed: 'Zoom Extents' and 'Zoom Selected Layers' didn't work properly in 'Image Processing' display mode.
    • Fixed: The 'gentexfont' tool could crash when the user didn't have write permission in the output directory.
    • Fixed: Stored Render Areas weren't automatically deleted when 'File>NewComposition' was executed.
    • Fixed: Snapping could cause a crash with some DXF files.
    • Fixed: The application was killed if an IFL error happened, because it used the default IFL error handler, which has such behaviour.
    • Fixed: Some multiple instances of a same image could be inserted with null dimensions.
    • Fixed: Tooltips were hardcoded to use black text.

Changes Introduced in 1.0 Beta-4
  • Initial public release.
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